Extending, Enhancing and Maintaining Made2Manage

For over 17 years, Progressive Edge has been providing products and services for Made2Manage ERP customers.

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Our Apps

[services_small title=”Bill of Material Manager” icon=”moon-tree-5″ dynamic_content_type=”content” dynamic_content_link=”http://pedgetest.com/bill-of-material-manager/”]Progressive Edge designed the Bill of Material Manager to relieve your users of the menial tasks which accompany Bill of Material management in your Made2Manage system. Add, edit, import, compare and report, all from a drag & drop interface. Shrink the time it takes to manually perform tasks from hours in the standard system to minutes.  Works with all Made2Manage Bill of Material types (Standard, Quote, Order, and Job).[/services_small]
[services_small title=”IIR – Intelligent, Interactive Reports” icon=”moon-pointer” dynamic_content_type=”content” dynamic_content_link=”http://pedgetest.com/iir/”]IIR is a flexible Business Intelligence (BI) tool designed for Aptean’s Made2Manage ERP System.  Cost analysis is a major part of this tool, but it is not limited to just financial people. Project managers can see exactly where projects stand from a material, labor and estimate to complete stand point. The procurement departments can see vendor history and analyze vendor performance. Plant management can get labor and workstation efficiency reports to analyze routing effectiveness.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Shipping Point” icon=”moon-truck” dynamic_content_type=”content” dynamic_content_link=”http://pedgetest.com/shipping-point/”]A better way to manage shipments for Made2Manage users.  Shipping Point was designed to build efficiency into your ERP Shipping process, while maintaining full compatibility with your Made2Manage ERP Software from Aptean.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Lot Control” icon=”moon-eye-4″ dynamic_content_type=”content” dynamic_content_link=”http://pedgetest.com/lot-control/”]Check out our Lot Control enhancements for Made2Manage.  Standard functionality is cumbersome and time-consuming.  Our Lot Control enhancement significantly improves user productivity in assigning and picking Lot and Serial Numbers in Made2Manage.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Labor Reporting” icon=”moon-clock-2″ dynamic_content_type=”content” dynamic_content_link=”http://pedgetest.com/labor/”]Labor Reporting in Made2Manage certainly has its options, yet they all still have the same bottle-neck: BC Posting.  We have a real-time direct application for Labor Entry and it doesn’t use the Posting program.  Find out what that means to you.[/services_small]

Our Services

You have questions, We have answers.

Progressive Edge provides a range of professional services suitable for all types of Made2Manage users. From consulting services and customization services, to technical services and report writing services, Progressive Edge delivers. Our rates are far less than the Aptean’s rates, and we deliver in a timely manner.

[services_small title=”Consulting” icon=”moon-books” dynamic_content_type=”content” dynamic_content_link=”http://pedgetest.com/consulting-services/”]With over 25 years of Manufacturing experience (15 plus years with Made2Manage), we can provide qualified and effective consulting services for your business.  We have consultants who are experienced in all areas of Made2Manage:  Financials, Customer Service, Production Control, Job Costing, and Planning and Scheduling.  Let us help you use the system as it was designed.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Programming” icon=”moon-keyboard” dynamic_content_type=”content” dynamic_content_link=”http://pedgetest.com/programming/”]Looking to get the most out of your Made2Manage system?  Sometimes that means changing a report, adding a new field, or streamlining multiple tasks into one simpler process.  We have a proven track record in making changes which compliment the standard system, yet provide the fast and efficient information your looking for.  Small or large, we can make Made2Mange work for you.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Technical Services” icon=”moon-wrench” dynamic_content_type=”content” dynamic_content_link=”http://pedgetest.com/technical-services/”]Knowing how the hardware, databases, network,  and operating systems fit together with Made2Manage is critical.  We can provide skilled technicians who know Made2Manage.  If you’re currently having difficulties, or you just want to have a review of your ERP backbone, we can provide the expertise.[/services_small]
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[services_media title=”Arean PLM” photo=”3623″ shadow=”no” link=”http://www.arenasolutions.com/”]Arena invented cloud PLM. Its holistic suite of PLM, supply chain and QMS solutions enables innovative OEMs with complex designs to manage their bill of materials, facilitate engineering change orders and speed prototyping to improve margins and collapse time to market.  Progressive Edge allows for the Importing of these “released” Bills of Materials and Items with a single click.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Configure One Configurator” photo=”3626″ shadow=”no” link=”https://www.configureone.com/”]Configure One’s CPQ (configure price quote) solution is a cloud-based enterprise application that enables companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option and customizable products and services.  Progressive Edge provided a connector module which syncs data between Configure One and Made2Manage.  Sales Orders, Bills of Materials and Routings are seamlessly populated inside your Made2Manage system.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Avalara Sales Tax” photo=”3627″ shadow=”no” link=”http://pedgetest.com/petax/”]Our Made2Manage connection to Avalara’s AvaTax and CertCapture products, just made Sales Tax compliance easy.  No more trying to manually update the many Jurisdictions and Sales Tax items inside of Made2Manage.  Our interface eliminates the need.  Avalara’s cloud-based AvaTax software automatically checks for exemptions and applies the right rates, directly to the Made2Manage invoice.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Outlook” photo=”3629″ shadow=”no” link=”http://pedgetest.com/pelink/”]Our Outlook add-in makes using the Made2Manage Activities and Attachments feature a breeze, by connecting it to where most of your Activities take place.  Easily look up Orders, Quotes and Customers and create new Activities, Tasks and Attachments all from within Outlook.  Discover what else it can do.[/services_media]
[services_medium title=”Our Mission” style=”style_2″ icon=”lnr-apartment” icon_color=”#222222″ circle_color=””]Our approach is simple. You have invested a great deal in your Made2Manage ERP System. We are here to help you maximize the full potential of that investment.[/services_medium]
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We provide a three prong approach in helping you reach your goals:

1. Targeted, turn-key Apps which address known shortcomings of the Made2Manage ERP System.
2. Consulting Services to identify and fix implementation and execution issues.
3. Customization Services to help smooth the corners and make the software work better for you.


[services_medium title=”What makes us unique” style=”style_2″ icon=”moon-snowflake” icon_color=”#222222″ circle_color=””]We provide a fresh look at your Made2Manage Implementation.  Too many times, we have seen “cookie-cutter” implementations rolled out the “Made2Manage” way.  At Progressive Edge we look outside the box, to provide solutions with a new approach.  An approach to make your ERP System work for you.[/services_medium]

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